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Our winning applicant, Damola, is busy working with Trevor to bring to life his vision for uniting communities through photography.

We’ll be capturing Damola and Trevor’s journey through an online documentary, hosted right here. Follow us for further updates and check out the stream below for more details of how you can get involved.


HTC Community Project - Episode Five

Damola and The Capture Collective host ‘Graft’, the final exhibition of their street photography project celebrating working London. Mentor Trevor Nelson joins them on the opening night.


HTC Community Project - Episode Four

Damola, heads to The Print Space gallery in Shoreditch to meet with experienced photography curator Grace Pattison. Grace previously organised the London Festival of Photography and also works as a photography tutor in the UK and abroad

HTC Community Project - Episode Three

The HTC Community Project heads to creative, multicultural East London for a street photography session. Photographer Dave Watts joins Damola, Trevor and the Capture Collective as they showcase the people and places of the East End.

HTC Community Project - Episode Two: 

Damola, The Capture Collective, Trevor Nelson and focus group facilitator Mark Gurney talk all things community.

HTC Community Project - Episode One:

Winning applicant Damola meets Trevor Nelson for the first time to discuss his vision.

The Capture Collective talks all things community

After weeks of anticipation, talking and planning, we were finally ready to welcome 8 of 15 new people into the Capture Collective family in a focus group session, led by the inspirational and charismatic Mark Gurney and Trevor Nelson.


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#HTCCommunityProject - Winner announced!

We are pleased to announce that Damola Timeyin (@Damola) has been selected by Trevor and the team for the HTC Community Project.

His initiative, The Capture Collective, is a great project and we can’t wait to get our teeth stuck into helping him bring it to life. Watch this space for more information about the project and video footage which will show his experience unfold. #HTCCommunityProject.


Imagine a place, somewhere amid the hustle and bustle of the town or city you live in, a place that you can put aside your worries and deal with your issues, somewhere you can forget about the labels we are given or call ourselves, a place where your position in life doesn’t matter and you are accepted for who you really are, for who you want to be…and could be.

The Inner Sanctuary is a brand new community project, currently being worked on by Barry Cheeseman and Vanessa Wilkinson-Hughes. The idea is down on paper and we are currently raising interest with local councils, businesses, charities and of course communities.

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I am a 23 year old Drama Studies Graduate, increasingly concerned about the well-being of the ‘graduate community’. The rise of depression and even suicide is extremely worrying. Recently on ‘Graduate Fog’ site, one graduate wrote in, considering suicide. In 2010, another, Vicky Harrison, 21, killed herself after being rejected from 200 jobs. Graduates need to start being considered as vulnerable and not ‘lazy spongers’, as Gordon Chesterman, Director of Careers, at Cambridge University, has disgustingly suggested.

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The final countdown

Calling all last minute entries - today is the final day to submit an idea to the HTC Community Project before all is handed over to Trevor Nelson and our eager judging panel. The team over at local giving (https://twitter.com/#!/LocalgivingMG) have sent out a tweet to remind their followers of the looming deadline and we want to do the same. If you’re not sure where to start with your entry, take a look at the terms and conditions page for a point in the right direction.

You can submit your entry up to 23:59 this evening, so no matter how big or small your idea might be; we want to hear it before it’s too late.